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Website Financing

Why Finance

We offer very competitive pricing but due to the technical nature of our industry, sometimes it is inevitable for complex projects to take hundreds of man hours to complete. To help compensate for this we offer any client the ability to setup a payment plan with us and stretch out their payments for up to 6 months with 0% interest and no additional fees. We offer this financing option to our clients solely so that inadequate budget projections never prohibit our clients from getting the comprehensive web solutions their business demands.

How It Works

At the beginning of all projects we setup every client in our custom admin system and decide on a prefered payment method. This is typically either credit card or ACH bank transfer. We then decide on project milestones and milestone payments. Typical payment scenarios are 33% down, 33% at time of beta site launch & final 33% after sites official launch. However payment plans are not limited to this 33-33-33 format, we can stretch payments out for up to 6 months and also break them up into smaller chunks depending upon client needs.

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