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App Development

App Development Options

Internal Apps

If you or your employees are constantly on the move it makes sense to have all of the necessary software you need in the palm of your hand.

E-commerce Apps

Today everyone has their mobile phone 24/7. If you sell a product or service (especially to repeat customers) it makes sense to be able to conduct business on these devices.

App Porting

Our app development team has built many apps on both Android and Apple iOS. If you currently have an app on either iOS or Android and would like to have both we can help!

Why Us?

Our clients choose and come back to us for two main reasons, quality work and flexibility. We aren't a big one size fits all shop that makes you conform to our product offerings. The services and products you get from Altec Design are going to be custom designed to fit your individual needs perfectly. We use our expertise to ensure what our clients need is exactly what they get even sometimes if they are not always sure what that is in the beginning. We look at ourselves as consultants identifying needs and solutions just as much as service and product providers. Contact us today to learn about all of the options available to help you achieve your business objectives. A few things that you should know about working with us:

  • Experts in both android and apple iOS mobile app development
  • Experience with external hardware / mobile app integration
  • Experts integrating and editing databases through mobile apps
  • Familiarity with wireless data transfer to and from app (WiFi & Bluetooth)
  • Experience designing hardware to work with mobile apps

Customer Apps

When we are advising you on the best possible solutions to fit your individual needs Responsive Design will most likely be talked about. Responsive Design is essentially multiple websites all in one. A single website "responds" by altering it's layout depending on the type of device or screen size a user visits the site with. A website built for a huge desktop monitor doesn't always convert well when you attempt to cram it all on a small mobile device screen and vice versa. For this reason responsive websites seamlessly change their layout to switch between mobile and desktop screens. Beyond an improved conversion rate, one of the benefits of Responsive design is that when you push a website update, you only have to upload the changes to one website as opposed to a desktop, and then again to a totally different mobile website. Since over 50% of today's internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it makes sense to accommodate for those users when designing your site; your bank account will thank you later.

Internal Apps

You would be surprised how a little device can solve big problems. So many employees these days are on the move. Whether it is from door to door doing sales, moving around the warehouse for inventory management, or even from meeting to meeting in the office, mobility is important to any successful business. These important mobile employees need to have the proper tools to do their job efficiently. We can create custom mobile app solutions around your needs. Our app development team will work with you to ensure that the software you end up with will help power your business for years to come.

From inventory management, order fulfillment, or customer acquisition just to name a few, our team will develop a custom app to help you manage your business.

E-commerce Apps

Your customers always have their phone within arms reach. Doesn't it make sense to enable them to do business with you with it? We will work with your team to create a compelling mobile experience your customers will enjoy. We take security seriously and will develop your app to ensure that each transaction is placed through state-of-the-art encrypted security. Whether your company offers one service or 50,000 products, our app development team will ensure that your needs are met, and your customers' expectations are exceeded.

App Porting

Android and iOS together make up over 95% of the mobile device market. By porting your app to both of these operating systems you will have taken the appropriate steps to ensure your software is compatible with most of your customers' devices. This process is much faster than the typical app development process since it is essentially cloning software that already exists.

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Recent projects

Please take a look at a few of our recent projects. These web design and web development projects were designed custom to fit our clients' unique requirements. Contact us for custom solutions to fulfill your needs.

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