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About Us


Altec Design was founded by Brian Limback & Samuel Bell in 2004 while both were enrolled at Parkway South High School (what high school did you go to?). The company initially started out building websites for lake resorts on Bull Shoals lake, and eventually expanded into managing one of the largest tourism websites in Missouri (Show Me Lakes). After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2009 Brian went on to work for a large E-commerce website, managing their inbound marketing. Sam meanwhile moved up to Chicago to work at Blue Cross Blue Shield helping to keep millions of customer records safe, but quickly left to come back and pursue the Altec Design dream. In 2012 Brian Limback also decided to come back full time to Altec. With both Brian and Sam working full time the company has continued to grow every year, and now manages IT and Online Marketing for some of the largest companies in the St. Louis Metro Area.

The Altec Design team specializes in Custom Development, Inbound Marketing & Website Hosting/Management. Altec Design is also a Google Certified advertising partner with years of experience creating paid and organic search campaigns with strong ROI. We consult with companies remotely and occasionally onsite to help them outline a strategic plan to maximize their online marketing efforts. We do all our work "in house" and don't white label products from any 3rd party vendors or services.

What do we offer?

The world of inbound marketing is broken up into 2 main segments, paid traffic and organic traffic. Our expert SEO & PPC team will assess your situation and quickly execute steps that will start your journey towards the top of the search engine result page.

While some other companies specialize in a broad "shotgun" type targeting approach, we use what could be considered more of a "laser" type of marketing strategy. We will zero in on what your site needs to rank and then execute the plan quickly and effectively.

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Our design and development team has years of experience building everything from small HTML websites, to large scale database driven systems and even Android/IOS Apps.

We work primarily in a LAMP stack environment. Our preferred framework for custom development is Laravel, but we have loads of experience working with just about every environment or CMS out there, including but not limited to Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, & Joomla.

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We provide a range of hosting options from dedicated and virtual machines, to elastic EC2 cloud compute environments. Our team can help evaluate your needs and provide recommendations along with continued on site or off site support.

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Who are we?

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to help clients of any size acquire or improve their presence on the web. Our clients choose and come back to us for two main reasons, quality work and flexibility. We aren't a big one size fits all shop that makes you conform to our product offerings.
  • Our Strategy

    The services and products you get from Altec Design are going to be custom designed to fit your individual needs perfectly. We use our expertise to determine what services will maximize our clients' success, often times this means proposing solutions the client has not even asked for. We look at ourselves as consultants identifying needs and solutions just as much as service and product providers. CONTACT US today to learn about all of the options available to help you achieve your business objectives.


Altec gets its start while Brian & Sam are seniors at Parkway South High School. The first several websites that are built are for lake resorts on Bull Shoals Lake.



Brian and Sam attend School at the University of Missouri while still continuing to work at Altec Design part time and full time during the summers.


Post Graduation

After graduation, Brian & Sam work nights at Altec Design while they gain industry experience working for large technology companies which helps them better understand the needs and technological limitations faced by businesses. Their passion for working with their clients pushes them eventually into working full time at Altec Design.


Merger & First Patent

Altec solidifies their partnership with Invex Design, bringing on additional full time team members in the process. Work is also started on the MiCar automotive app. Altec files for it's first software patent.


Industry Leadership

Out of thousands of nominees, Altec Design is recognized by Google as an innovative leader in the field of Internet Marketing.



Altec Design plans to add several new full-time team members to ensure our growth never hinders our relationship with our clients.


Our Team

Brian Limback

Brian Limback


Our paid marketing guru, Brian oversees all of our Paid and Organic inbound marketing efforts. He's Google certified & has managed multi-million dollar campaigns for years.

Samuel Bell

Samuel Bell


Sam handles a wide range of jobs at Altec but tends to focus on project management & server setup. Sam also spends time on Web development and customer support.

Brian Adams

Brian Adams


Brian is a Full-Stack web developer and is well versed in XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL & jQuery.

Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown


Coming Soon

Andrew Sit

Andrew Sit


Andrew is a software engineer by trade. His expertise graces most of our custom development projects. He's a talented musician with some impressive guitar and vocals.