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Project Details

  • Category: Mobile/APP
  • Added By: Samuel Bell
  • Date Added: Sep 1, 2014
  • Due Started Oct 15, 2013
  • Status Complete

Project Info

The miCar automotive app and customer dashboard is an internal project dreamed up by Brian Limback and Samuel Bell. The project breaks down into 2 main parts, the consumer APP and the dealership portal. The consumer APP interfaces with the OBDII port on any vehicle built after 1996 using a custom manufactured OBDII dongle. Once connected the APP and device can interact directly with the CAN bus of the vehicle reporting back useful information to the consumer such as engine error codes, odometer, breaking patterns, acceleration patterns & battery voltage. The APP then communicates this information back to the miCar system through our restful API interface allowing dealerships to remotely "diagnose" any vehicle in their private vehicle network.

Project Stats

Miles Driven
Issues Detected
Vehicles Tracked
Vehicle Checkins

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