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Website Design

Responsive Designs

mobile friendly websites

With over half of users these days browsing the website on their phones and tablets it is important to accommodate for these smaller screen sizes. Our website designs can detect and automatically scale based on device screen size.

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Focus On Fast

emphasis on page load times

It is a fact that people are not patient and convert far less often on slow websites. For this reason we code all of our websites with an emphasis on speed. We utilize the latest coding and testing technology to ensure your website is screaming fast.

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SEO Optimized Code

optimization comes standard

What good is a shiny new website if no one can find it? We have been in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game since 2005 (before a lot of other companies knew what a search engine was). We utilize this knowledge to make sure your website is built right the first time.

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CMS Gurus

content management system experts

We have built websites around Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress and Joomla many times for our clients. These systems allow our website design clients to quickly update their own websites without the need to code at all.

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Why Us?

Our clients choose and come back to us for two main reasons, quality work and flexibility. We aren't a big one size fits all shop that makes you conform to our product offerings. The services and products you get from Altec Design are going to be custom designed to fit your individual needs perfectly. We use our expertise to ensure what our clients need is exactly what they get even sometimes if they are not always sure what that is in the beginning. We look at ourselves as consultants identifying needs and solutions just as much as service and product providers. Contact us today to learn about all of the options available to help you achieve your business objectives. A few things that you should know about working with us:

Responsive Website Designs

When we are advising you on the best possible solutions to fit your individual needs Responsive Design will most likely be talked about. Responsive Design is essentially multiple websites all in one. A single website "responds" by altering it's layout depending on the type of device or screen size a user visits the site with. A website built for a huge desktop monitor doesn't always convert well when you attempt to cram it all on a small mobile device screen and vice versa. For this reason responsive websites seamlessly change their layout to switch between mobile and desktop screens. Beyond an improved conversion rate, one of the benefits of Responsive design is that when you push a website update, you only have to upload the changes to one website as opposed to a desktop, and then again to a totally different mobile website. Since over 50% of today's internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it makes sense to accommodate for those users when designing your site; your bank account will thank you later.

Focus On Fast

Speed is king. If you have a slow site that takes what seems like an eon to load, you could have the best website content in the world but no one will ever see it. We use the latest coding techniques to ensure that your new website is blazing fast no matter what browser or device your customer is using. We minimize the size of each page so that there is less data to squeeze through your internet tubes resulting in a faster page load time.

With the rise of less powerful mobile devices (comparatively to PCs) optimized code is essential for a streamlined fast browsing experience for your potential customers. In addition to proven correlations between website speed and conversion rate, search providers like Google are now penalizing and restricting traffic to websites that are not up to their page load time standards. Bottom line is website speed is no longer something that is or should be ignored from profitable websites.

SEO Optimized Code

What good is a website if your customers can't find it? If you haven't heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before it is roughly defined as strategies and techniques used to rank higher in search engines resulting in more organic traffic. Part of these strategies used to get more traffic focus around the code of the website or web page. In order to rank higher you must not only execute the web page structure properly, but you must also know the proper search queries to target. It is important to research and analyze what searches your customers are doing in order to rank highly for the highest searched queries. It doesn't do you any good to rank highly for a term that only you search for, that's why research is important. Our SEO experts go over each website to ensure that the proper on-page structure has been built in and the highest search volume keywords are being targeted.

CMS Implementation

If you are a hands on person that likes to do things themselves but are not a nerdy computer coder we have the perfect solution for you! We have a ton of experience implementing Content Management Systems (CMS) which allow you to log into a website back end "admin" section and make content changes on your website. You can easily add or remove pages, edit text and images, and create contact forms. Making these once complex coding changes is made as simple as typing in Microsoft Word with a CMS. These systems are often favored by business owners who like to keep a hands on approach all aspects of their business. The other nice thing about CMS systems is that upgrading features to your website is often more affordable through pre-made plugins. Some of the CMS systems that we have experience with are:

E-Commerce Website Design

Got something to sell? We have experience designing custom e-commerce platforms to securely sell your products online. Our engineers focus heavily on security. Our e-commerce systems utilize the latest in HTTPS encryption so that you and your customers can rest assured their data is safe during the checkout process. Additionally we design our systems to conform to PCI security standards. In fact, we design our ecommerce systems so that all customer data is stored on secure third party merchant processing servers to protect it in case your systems ever do go hacked. In addition to top notch security, we work with you to ensure that your transactions and customer user experience are as smooth as butter (but not nearly as messy).

responsive website design examples